MORLEY (adopted January 2012)

morley2Hi there,
I was in recently with my girlfriend to take a look at what lovable mutts need homes. Last year, I adopted Morley from you in January and he has been fantastic. He was able to roam free in the house within 3 days of being home and has, to date, only removed the stuffing from one throwpillow! He is an absolutely wonderful dog and I get compliments on him daily (he has quite the fan club). Anyway, I am attaching a few pics (plenty more where they came from) for you. We will be looking for a friend for Morley very soon, but have not agreed on what. My preference is for another medium to large young adult (roughly 40-50 lbs.), but Katie is hoping for a smaller dog. In either case, we are not the puppy type right now. We will be back in plenty once she moves down in April and I am excited to bring home another Durham APS wonder-dog. You all do great work and I recommend you above everyone else. Keep it up and see you soon!!