NEWMAN -Adopted May 2011

newman3My husband and I had no intention of adding a 6th dog to our family, but lucky for us, we did.

As I was leaving downtown Durham one rainy afternoon at the end of March, I spotted a very young, very cute puppy eating trash from a plastic garbage bag on the side of the road. Unable to locate his home or owner, I headed to the APS of Durham with him sleeping on my lap. 

Newman was held at the shelter, receiving his necessary puppy vaccinations and waiting to find out if his former owner might come forward to reclaim him. I volunteer at the shelter and was in constant contact with his caregivers, fully expecting him to quickly find a new home as soon as he was ready for adoption.

Just as he became available, he began to show signs of being sick and, although he had been given his required vaccines on schedule, he was diagnosed with parvovirus.

My husband and I immediately went to pick him up, taking him straight to our vet to have emergency treatment. To everyone’s relief, he recovered quickly and came home with us following his vet stay.

Lucky, lucky, lucky! Newman has been such a great addition and has grown from that tiny puppy into 50 plus pounds at 6 months of age. 

We have always adopted adult dogs and taking on a puppy was new for us, but he has blended in well with our other dogs and works on tiring everybody out in the course of a day.  

Having Newman has been a great adventure so far and we look forward to many more as he grows and matures!