APS of Durham is still doing adoptions!  We continue to find creative ways to facilitate adoptions at this time. In adherence to social distancing regulations, we are conducting virtual visits for interested adopters. These are led by an adoption counselor for in-shelter pets, or by the foster parent for those animals currently in foster care. These virtual visits will allow you to see the animal interacting with people, ask any questions you have about the animal, and have the adoption counselor or foster parent explain some of their personality and behavior traits in a live format. Here is a brief clip of a recent virtual visit!

How does the adoption process work? 

All adoptable animals will be posted on our website under Adoptable Cats, Adoptable Dogs, or Other Animals (small pets). In order to reduce traffic in the shelter while we are under stay at home orders, many of our animals are in foster care. Animals in foster care are labeled as such on their website page. The website is the most up to date and accurate place to see what animals are available, but we often post additional pictures, videos, and stories about our adoptable animals on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so stay tuned in to those as well.

Please do not come to the shelter if you are interested in adopting a pet, as shelter traffic is currently limited to appointments only for essential services. Please first visit our website to view available animals, and then email adopt@apsofdurham.org if you are interested in adopting.

If there is a particular animal that interests you, you can also download the forms linked at the bottom of this page and send them to our adoption counselors when you email adopt@apsofdurham.org. Please make sure you complete both the Adoption Questionnaire and the Adoption & Visitation Form for the type of animal you are interested in adopting (Dog, Cat, or Pet for small pets like bunnies and guinea pigs).

Visitations will be virtual and paperwork and payment will all be done digitally at this time. Each adoption is approved on an individual basis. Some animals may not be considered appropriate for your particular situation, and so may not be adopted to you. 

How much does it cost? 

  • Cats & kittens are $95. The adoption fee for your 2nd cat is only $50 when adopting two together! 
  • Dogs & puppies range from $125-$175. 
  • Fees for other animals vary. 

These fees help offset the cost of evaluation, housing, feeding and medical care for the thousands of animals that need our help. The adoption fee for each animal varies and is dependent on many factors including: age, size, behavior, medical condition and public demand. Animals with a higher adoption price provide us with more resources for the other animals in our care who may need extensive medical care or more time to find a loving home. 

What is included in the adoption fee? 

The adoption package at APS is all-Inclusive. Your new dog or cat will come home with a medical exam, spay/neuter, vaccines, a microchip and lots of love. Staff & Volunteers will help you learn about any dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or other animal you may be interested in adopting and will provide care, love and support throughout your entire adoption process. 

  • Basic Medical Exam 
  • Spay or Neuter Surgery 
  • Microchip 
  • Rabies Vaccination (4 mo+) 
  • DA2PPV Vaccination (dogs) 
  • FVRCP Vaccination (cats) 
  • Bordetella Vaccination  (dogs) 
  • Intestinal Parasite Check 
  • Heartworm Test (dogs 6mo+) 
  • FeLV/FIV Test (cats) 
  • De-worming