Make a minimum $20 donation to our Walk For The Animals fundraiser during this event time and you will be paired up with an APS volunteer who will create a portrait of your pet! Our volunteers have a range of artistic abilities, so the style and skill of your portrait will be a surprise! No matter what, it will be created with love.

Here’s how to participate:

So how exactly do you participate and get your portrait?

Here are the details:

  • You can purchase your pet portrait now, you don’t have to wait until the 15th! That’s right, just click here to make your donation of $20 or more and you’ll be set. That ensures you get an artist assigned to you before we run out of slots!
  • At 3 pm on April 15th, we will start the fundraiser on our Outsider Art Facebook event page. In the event we’ll have a post where you can add in the photo of your pet that you’re submitting. Not on Facebook? No problem! It’s just one more way to celebrate our pets with our community. Either way, your email receipt for your donation will ask you to email the photo to
  • Our outsider artists are prepared to include up to two animals per portrait. If you wish to have more than one portrait made, please make an additional donation of at least $20 per photo submitted.
  • The fundraiser will end at 6pm. We only have enough artists for the first 65 submissions. Don’t hesitate and miss your chance!
  • Afterwards, your picture will be sent to one of our awesome volunteers who will create a heartfelt, unique pet portrait just for you! We will begin distributing artwork around the first of May. Once it is complete, we will email a digital copy of it to you.
  • Tag, share and enjoy your pet portrait! And don’t forget to use the hashtags #walkwithme2022 and #APSoutsiderart. And thank you for supporting APS!

Funds raised during this online event will help APS greatly in continuing to provide the necessary care and medical attention needed for our animals. Alright, ready to join us?! Our volunteers are ready with pencils, crayons, and brushes in hand!