pheobe6Hello Everyone,
  I wanted to share a few photos of Phoebe with you.  She has been an amazing companion and has quickly settled into her new home!  The vet at Timberlyne gave her nothing but compliments and asked me how I came to pick such a wonderful dog.    

She and I have been on a number of runs, our farthest so far being 4 miles.  She loved her first trip to the dog park and made lots of friends without any skirmishes!  She loves her new toy snake, we’ve been working on the “stay” command, and she really only whines when I have to leave for work.  It’s been great having lunch with her and going on afternoon walks together.
I feel so fortunate to have found her, and I’m excited for the many adventures we’ll have to come!  Thanks for all you did for her 🙂