rileyWe adopted Riley (he was Nolan at the shelter), on Wednesday 10/28/2009.  He is quickly becoming a great little puppy addition to our family.  We are working very hard on getting house trained, so mom and dad don’t have to follow his every move around the house.  He is a little tentative about new things, and not to crazy about going in the truck just yet.  He is really interested in the funny looking puppies that we won’t let him play with yet (our 2 cats Basil and Jazmyn).  They aren’t terribly thrilled with him.  He loves having a backyard to chase balls and sticks in, and really likes taking walks around the neighborhood.  We are starting puppy obedience classes in about a week, and I am sure he will be an good student.  He can already sit, lay down, and does a pretty good stay as well.

Thanks for rescuing him, giving him a chance at life, and a chance to be part of our lives as well.

I have attached a picture of him laying on his new bed, and chewing on his Harley chew toy.