SETI (formerly Donovan, adopted December 2011)

102_1225Heya APS, I’m not sure if you all remember SETI (formerly known as Donovan) you were kind enough to keep him for nearly a year until we found him in December 2011. Shortly after adopting him we found our dream home in the country. SETI now has nearly an acre fenced yard to frolic in and patrol at night. He loves to take walks in the woods with us and play with his Frisbee collection. He has become quite adept at snatching them out of the air in mid flight. In his spare time he enjoys herding our cats, chasing frogs, lizards and birds, snoozing on the couch and collecting rocks for us. I’m not sure why but he has amassed quite a collection. We could not have asked for a better pooch and we’re grateful that the wonderful staff at APS never gave up on him. My husband finally knows what it means to love and be loved by a dog and I’m proud to say that SETI made him believer… Hope you enjoy the pictures and we’re hoping to find a buddy for him in the near future so you may be seeing all of us very soon!
Libby and Mark