SLIPPERS formerly Sloane

slippersatwindowSLIPPERS formerly SLOANE
Just thought I would update you on Slippers. We’ve had her about 6 months now. She is a great pet. Every morning we visit with her best buds – Chester and Lady. They play for about 15 minutes before we all go to work. Having a dog has been a great way to get to know the neighbors. Only one dog – a border collie ironically – doesn’t seem to like Slippers. Other than Maxie, she gets along with other dogs well. 

Slippers has a favorite spot at the front window where she watches for her friends and other moving objects. Her favorite game is Fetch. I finally bought a “Chuck-It” which allows me to throw the ball farther so she gets even more exercise. She will play fetch for hours I think, never tiring. 

She likes her crate and will enter it to lay down during the day even when I’m home. I’ve gotten a part-time job and have started letting her stay out in the afternoons when I come home for lunch. Although she has had one accident, she hasn’t chewed anything up or made a mess of things yet. She just isn’t a chewer. She stays off the sofa until I invite her up. (Not sure what she does when no one is around. :o) 

Just wanted you to know. Thanks for taking care of these dogs till people like me find them.