SLIPPERS (formerly Sloane)

slippersSlippers, once known as Sloane, is doing well. Everyone likes her new name since she has white feet! She has calmed down wonderfully and seems to like her new home. She goes in the crate fine – even choosing to go in during the day when I’m home sometimes. She can see out the window from it.

I take her to the neighbor’s fenced yard and play fetch most every afternoon. She loves to play and gets a good workout of 20-30 minutes of fetching a toy that has 2 tennis balls attached by rope. When she doesn’t bring it back to me, I know she’s had enough  🙂  And we of course we walk about twice a day also. We haven’t gone on a hike yet.

We’ve only had Slippers a week now, but she seems a part of the family. I can’t wait for my 2 boys in college to come home and meet her. My oldest son and his wife love her already and come play with her when they can. I have family coming for Thanksgiving and I think Slippers will love having all the people here. 

I’m so glad I adopted an older dog and she’s just the perfect size!