saucy-in-a-boxI came to my forever home on October 16, 2007.  I was called Shay when I left the shelter but my funny moms changed it to Sosipater.  They call me Saucy now and I guess it fits – I like to roll around saucily and tempt anyone who comes to visit into rubbing my belly.  I have been losing weight and trimming down which is hard because I love to eat more than anything else, although purring loud like a freight train as I get cuddled is a close second.  I have a spotted dog who always wants to play but I keep her in line pretty well.  Before the shelter I lived in a storm drain which was really scary!  But thanks to APS and the nice people who took me there and found my adoptive parents I now have lots of comfy places to nap including one with a fleece blanket and Elvis pillow, plenty of sunbeams, and food every single day.  (YAY!)  I am also in charge of the remotes – I guard them diligently, sometimes by sleeping right on top of them.  I also have my very own box that I use as a safe place to watch the world.

Saucy’s moms here:  Some people say black cats aren’t as good but we wouldn’t trade our Saucy for anything.  She’s gorgeous and soft and loving and a total cuddlebug.  Thanks APS for taking care of her when she was lost and alone.
Saucy and Lisa and Sharon