SPOCK (formerly Theodore)


Hi, from Spock (aka Theodore)

I am doing fine here in my forever home. It’s nice having a hard time choosing which bed to sleep in at night since I have three to choose from. However more often than not I choose sleeping on the back or side of my new human parents. I pay no mind to the canines in my life. To me, they are mere fixtures in the house. As for the fellow feline, Darwin we have our moments, but I tolerate him in my space.

We may not agree on much, but we do enjoy tag teaming  waking up Mommy in the morning, so we can receive our special can food treat. We also enjoy looking out the windows and running for the hills when the small two legged humans approach. Mommy says, she’d like to run for the hills with us some days when they approach her. Most of my days are spent lounging around on my parents bed or sitting on the office chair behind my new Mom when she is at her computer.   I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well and thank you for taking care of me until I found my new home.

Meow-Meow….Live long and Prosper,