After Stella’s long stay at APS, we adopted her on 3/12/10.  She is such an amazing dog and we love her dearly. She is adjusting so well to our home, family and neighborhood. She seems to be thriving on daily long walks, a fenced yard to play in, family time and lots of love and affection.  We feel so lucky to have found her and find it hard to believe she waited so long for a family of her own. Maybe she was just waiting for us all along. 
We are so grateful to all of the APS staff, including Alison, Jane and the Durham Animal Control officer(s) who were involved in Stella’s rescue. You all are truly her guardian angels. Without all of you, Stella would not be the wonderful dog and companion that she is today.  We cannot thank you all enough.
We are so proud of our girl and committed to giving her a long and happy life which she so justly deserves.  She is such a joy!

Melanie and Scott