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As a supporter of the Animal Protection Society of Durham, you know how hard we work to keep animals safe in our community.

Today, we’d like to tell you a story about one special animal that recently came into our care—and how we were able to connect him with a new life and a loving home.

Meet Gus, an excitable, friendly guy. He was found in July by an animal services officer while wandering on Guess Road. He was taken to our 24-hour emergency clinic partner.

There, veterinarians saw signs that Gus had experienced unbelievable cruelty. He had been burned severely—and when those injuries had healed, he had been burned again. They also saw indications that he’d been shot. Some of his wounds had become infected and contaminated.

But Gus’ story is a happy one. Even though he experienced such extreme pain and abuse, he remained affectionate, curious, and sought comfort from people. We connected Gus with a foster family immediately so he could adjust to a more comfortable and relaxed environment while he recovered. Within hours of being in his new home, Gus was asking for belly rubs, cuddling on the couch, and playing with new toys.

Today, Gus’ wounds have healed, and his confidence has grown. You would never know the hardship that he has endured. For months, while healing, Gus lived with his new best dog friend—another pit bull—in a new home with a big backyard and loving family. Best of all, just before Thanksgiving, Gus was adopted by a kind family and now has a warm and loving home for the holidays.

Helping animals like Gus recover and find new homes is a big part of the mission of APS of Durham. As Durham’s community shelter, we are here to help pets, owners, and families access medical care, spay and neuter services, and adoption. And we also are here to fill the critical gap for injured stray and unrepresented animals – like Gus – who might otherwise be left behind.

We’re able to do this work because of your generosity. Because of your financial support, APS of Durham can be the caring organization in Durham to step in and provide the care that animals like Gus need to recover, survive and thrive for a lifetime. Please consider making a donation today to help Gus and other animals like him.

THANK YOU for the financial support that helps us save animals like Gus and make our community a happier and healthier place for pets and their owners.

May the holiday season be a bit better this year for animals in need with you here to help and demonstrate your caring. Here’s a special thank you – for all you do – from Gus.

For the animals,

Shafonda Allen

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