Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It’s not an easy thing to do, but we at Animal Protection Society of Durham know that it is possible. We are continually amazed at the resilience we observe of so many animals that enter our shelter. Animals who have been through experiences that can only be described as cruel, thoughtless, and uncaring. Yet they survive, heal, recover, and thrive. It’s pretty amazing to witness.

Today, I want to share with you the story of two such amazing animals. Despite the adverse circumstances they have clearly experienced, they have recovered, found new places of safe respite, and are leading comfortable lives with people who care for them.

Meet Phoebe, a beautiful, joyful girl with an amazing spirit. We met her when she arrived at the shelter as a stray with a shocking, open wound from an embedded collar. We suspect that she was probably tied outside as an extremely young and small pup, ignored much of the time, only to outgrow her small collar, leaving gaping, open wounds in great need of medical attention. In fact, her wounds were so deep that the veterinarian determined them best cleaned and left open to heal, being impossible to properly suture.

Amazingly, this little pup was loving and trusting from the moment we met her, even though she was in great pain. Her faith in humans remained strong. She healed quickly while living with a foster volunteer, where she learned good manners, how to sit and focus from a very young age. After several weeks, her wounds were completely healed, and this little girl was eager to give love and affection to a family of her own, who found and took her home the same day she entered our adoption program.

I have no doubt this resilience is bolstered by a strong, capable support system. For Phoebe, that support system was the expertise, care and love she received from staff and volunteers at APS of Durham. For us, YOU are our support system. Your financial contribution makes it so much easier for us to recover quickly through difficult situations; difficulties that we encounter pretty much daily.

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Legolas, an eight-month-old kitten, was brought to APS of Durham by Animal Services Officers. They responded to a call from a local veterinary hospital in early March about an injured stray cat brought in by a good Samaritan. When Legolas arrived at the shelter, he was rubbing his face against his enclosure seeking affection, which staff happily gave to him. APS medical staff assessed his condition and noticed his rear leg appeared to have experienced a severe injury that healed abnormally. Radiographs confirmed this and further revealed that amputation was the best option for his future. We placed him on pain medication and antibiotics to manage his condition while waiting for surgery.

In the meantime, a wonderful volunteer foster took him into their care, where he remained throughout his recovery and preparation for our adoption program. Amazingly, he recovered rapidly, and began easily moving about on three legs, thus demonstrating another inspiring example of resilience.

Stories like these reveal a desire for a joyous life and companionship. They open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of overcoming difficulties, and they inspire us forward.

I hope these stories warm your heart and impress upon you the crucial role that you and your generosity play in ensuring life-saving treatment for animals in need. Animals fill our homes with joy, happiness, and a sense of belonging. Your financial contribution provides the resilience APS of Durham requires to carry on as the beacon of hope and life-saving treatment for the neediest among us. Please make your gift today by clicking here. You really do make a big difference.

With my sincerest gratitude and thanks,

Shafonda Allen

Executive Director