The Puprate King!

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Recently theater company Durham Savoyards came to APS with a fun idea and we couldn’t say no! Their upcoming show is the famous “Pirates of Penzance”. If you aren’t familiar with the show, the Pirates are not very good pirates — one of the reasons is because they refuse to rob anyone who claims to be an orphan. One of the actors had the idea that if the pirates encountered a modern-day animal shelter, they would want to adopt all the orphaned animals! So in February, the troupe came to APS to film a short sketch in which the pirates come into the shelter, visit the animals, and crown a “Pup-rate King.”

Click here to watch their “Pup-rate King” video, shot at APS!

So grab yourself tickets to Durham Savoyards’ premiere performance of “Pirates of Penzance” at Carolina Theater this weekend and stop by our APS table outside the front doors. We’ll let you spin the trivia wheel to learn about animals – maybe you’ll win a prize before the show! Buy your tickets here.