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Can you think back to your extra special pet that touched your heart beyond description? Imagine how you would feel if your pets’ life was in jeopardy, and you were not able to care and decide what’s best for them. That’s exactly what happened this summer with Harper Lee and her dad.  Here is their story.


When Harper Lee’s owner arrived home, he found it engulfed in flames with Harper Lee inside. He risked his life to save her from the burning building. They escaped, but both sustained extensive injuries and smoke inhalation. While Harper Lee’s dad was rushed to the hospital, Animal Services was called to figure out what to do for Harper Lee. That’s where Animal Protection Society of Durham stepped in to help.


Harper Lee was taken to the local emergency veterinary hospital for medical care, where she was treated for smoke inhalation, eye damage and other various medical issues. APS became her custodian and care giver while her dad recovers from his injuries. While he gets back on his feet, Harper Lee is in a foster home where she can also recover, receiving the extensive medical attention and care she requires.

This is the result of our caring community. Because of the generous support of animal lovers and kind community members like you, APS of Durham can step up, advocate for, and take on the care of animals in need at a time when their family is unable to. Because of you, animals like Harper Lee will continue to have a safety net of care, with people who want the best for them, and the resources to meet their needs until they can be reunited with their family.


For one Durham pet parent, APS is here to ensure his pets’ needs are met and that she is cared for during a difficult time. This is only one example of our commitment to you and our community. I hope that you find comfort knowing that there is an organization who cares as much about your pet as you do. I also want to thank you for making it possible for us to provide this level of care to those who really need our support.


With your ongoing confidence and support, APS of Durham has become so much more than a place for stray and abandoned animals to go when they have nowhere else. We have become much more than a place for animals to stay while they await their next placement. You are our partners in keeping Durham a great place for pets and the people who love them. Because of you, pets like Harper Lee have someone to act on their behalf in times of trouble.

We are Durham’s community shelter. We are here for pets and pet owners, helping to unite and reunite families. When pet owners fall on hard times and need assistance with pet food; when necessary veterinary assistance can keep families together; when cost is the only barrier to getting pets spayed or neutered – APS of Durham is here. All because you value pets and keeping them with their families, rather than displacing them unnecessarily when we have better alternatives to offer. Ultimately, we reflect your commitment to animals. We are here to provide comfort, compassion, care, and solutions to pet issues that exist in our community.


Many people may be unaware that public services are not automatically available for injured stray or unrepresented animals. We often don’t even consider such services, until they touch our own lives. These programs exist because you support APS of Durham stepping in to fill that gap. We are honored that we can come to the aid of pets in need. Your generosity saves lives. We will continuously work to keep your trust and confidence. Because we are proud to be Durham’s community shelter.

Today, Harper Lee is recovering in a volunteer foster home temporarily until her dad can get back on his feet to provide for them. She is with a caring family, able to administer a rigid schedule of medication to help her make a full recovery, and eventually be reunited with her owner. If it weren’t for caring people like you who support this work, we honestly do not know what might have become of Harper Lee. Because of you, life-saving medical care exists in Durham for animals who need it, exactly when they need it. Their lives depend upon it. Their lives depend upon you.


Will you please send in a gift today so we can continue to provide top quality services for Durham animals? We think that Durham deserves the best shelter possible, which is what we aspire to be. We hope that you agree. With you by our side we can do more. We will do more. It only takes the moment your heart decides to help. Your compassion makes all the difference.


Please join us today in changing lives.