016Hello to everyone at APS, I just wanted to send an update of Violet and Rosalyn (now Rosie) and their new forever home with me!  They’re doing just great and are the best of buds!  I know Violet had been previously returned for ‘hiding out’ but she hasn’t hidden here at all.  In fact, quite the opposite!  She is a great adventurer and likes to try to crawl into/onto everything she can to examine it further.  🙂  Rosie is a true little love bug and very affectionate.  She and my dog already seem to be buddies… she was making biscuits on my dog’s butt last night.  🙂  
We couldn’t be happier and wanted to send you a great thank you!  I’ve attached a few photos of the two lazing about.
PS) They both had their veterinary exam on Tuesday at Durham Animal Hospital… both looked great!
Thanks again for helping Violet, Rosie, and I find each other and thanks for all you do!