weeble-bob2WEEBL & BOB
Dear Durham APS,

We adopted Weebl (formerly “Cici”) and Bob (formerly “unknown”) in
January 2011.  The boys quickly adapted to their new home and already 6
weeks later we can hardly imagine not having them.  They seem to think
our house makes an excellent race track/soccer field/wrestling ring.
Fortunately, they also occasionally think it makes a lovely place to nap!

Weebl loves to chase his tail, chase Bob, and chase the laser dot. He
also seems to especially love our older daughter, who couldn’t be more
pleased. Bob loves to talk to the birds outside the window, chat with
whoever is working in the kitchen, and walk around murmuring to himself.
  He tends to follow his new “mom” around the house.  Both cats have
learned to sit up pretty for treats, believe it or not!

We are so happy to have them with us, and especially so, knowing that
they didn’t have a home of their own before we met.